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Elizabeth Pennington Elizabeth Pennington

Elizabeth is an English freelance journalist. As a Christian, she passionately focuses on giving people a voice. Elizabeth's work focuses mainly on human-rights, conflict and refugee issues. She has worked on stories in Bosnia-Herzegovina on the aftermath of gender-violence for war survivors, worked with women suffering from HIV/AIDS in rural Uganda and worked with disadvantaged children in Moldova. She also works as the Communications Manager for an art/research NGO called "Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow" established by Irish, Pairs-based contemporary artist Bryan McCormack. The project invites refugees to draw their past, present and future lives. Elizabeth has worked on this project in various countries including Serbia and Morocco. She has hopes of studying a masters in Human Rights and is based between the UK and Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
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“It’s My Story:” Dispatch from a Moroccan Migrant Center

*All the names in this article have been changed to protect the individuals identity. ...